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Lack of Alpine customer teams makes it “difficult” for juniors, says Brivio

Credits: Alpine Racing

Alpine’s director Davide Brivio says that the lack of customer teams makes it difficult for its junior drivers to develop into the world of Formula 1.

The junior program of Renault continued with Alpine, with its drivers being Guanyu Zhou, Christian Lundgaard, Oscar Piastri, Caio Collet, and Victor Martins.

As other teams have partners who can take their junior drivers, like Red Bull with AlphaTauri, Mercedes with Williams, and Ferrari with Haas and Alfa Romeo, Brivio admits not having a customer team makes things difficult, especially since any Formula 1 outing from its junior drivers would have to be made on Alpine’s main team.

“It’s quite obvious, the fact that we don’t have a partner team makes things a little bit more difficult because the young drivers [would have to] be included in our Alpine main team,” said Brivio.

“In my previous experience I could appreciate when you have young athletes, rider or driver, they are of course strongly motivated, they really want to achieve and they are willing to. But it has to be always a good mix between experience and talent and also it depends on the situation.

“I think what we have done in MotoGP was also in a special, historical moment when we realized a few years ago that there was going to be a change of generation between the riders.

“The top riders were getting old and probably getting retired, so we needed to create a new generations of riders at that stage,” he admitted.

However, Brivio says that new talent doesn’t have to be promoted just because they’re young, as he points to Fernando Alonso, an example of a not-so-young driver, but with a lot of experience and talent.

“Here in Formula 1, there is, of course, a new generation coming up. And you can see, you can appreciate how these young drivers are performing since the beginning. But also we have Fernando, he’s not that young, but he’s experienced and his talent is still very important.

“But for sure we have the academy program, we look at that and if there are opportunities, it would be nice to use it,” he concluded.

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