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Sergio Perez “doesn’t see” why joining Red Bull will not work out

Red Bull Racing’s newest driver Sergio Perez is confident about his chances in his new team and as well as has reflected on previous experience with a top-tier team, McLaren.

The 2021 Formula 1 season is going to be extremely important for Sergio Perez as he has got the chance to drive for one of the best teams on the grid – Red Bull Racing. The Mexican has already had a shot in a top team earlier in his career with McLaren. Unfortunately, it only lasted for one season back in 2013. Sergio Perez has spoken about his time at McLaren.

“I don’t think driving-wise I did bad,” Perez says. “I out-qualified Jenson there and so on. So I think in general it was a good stint but they were other political factors in it.”

Eight years later, Sergio Perez will have another chance with Red Bull Racing. He has the goal performing on a high level and battling for race wins on a regular basis and is sure he will be capable of doing it: “That’s the priority here, that we are just able to to maximise. And I just don’t see why it is not going to work.”

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