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Hamilton discusses ‘positive adjustments’ to #WeRaceAsOne campaign

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Lewis Hamilton talked about “positive adjustments” to the ‘WeRaceAsOne’ campaign after a meeting with new Formula One’s CEO Stefano Domenicali.

“It was a really good meeting,” Hamilton said. “I think it’s a really great first step that Stefano’s taking the time to sit with us all and be open in terms of having this discussion of how we can work together to improve the sport.”

“We didn’t necessarily have much of a discussion about it. They explained to us their sort of plans and we can go back to them. There wasn’t anything that had to be done there on the sport. They are making some adjustments which I think are positive.”

The 7-time World Champion believes the slogan ‘WeRaceAsOne’ was a good starting point last season, but that action is needed this year.

“I think last year we had the slogan, obviously, ‘WeRaceAsOne’,” he said. “But action is needed this year. That was something that was expressed to us.

“And I think that’s really what we better make sure, that we continue to have that conversation, continue to make sure that action is taken this year as we continue to push for diversity and inclusion within this sport.

“And I think they’re aligned, I think they’re all aligned with that goal of achieving that together,” he concluded.

The latest controversy in the world of Formula 1 regarding diversity is the addition of a race in Saudi Arabia. The sport’s community is rallying to stop the race in a country with multiple problems regarding human rights and war crimes.

Multiple organizations already contacted Hamilton, asking the British driver to miss the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix in hopes of starting a greater discussion about human rights. Hamilton made no comments on the matter as of yet.

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