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Alpine F1 team helped by “pushy” Alonso, says Brivio

Fernando Alonso pre-season testing. Credits: Reddit

Davide Brivio believes that the pushy and highly demanding nature of Fernando Alonso will surely help Alpine and it does have a positive effect on the whole team. 

After two sabbatical years from the pinnacle of motorsport, the two-time world champion decided to come back and show that he is still an extremely talented driver. 

Already during the 2020 season, Fernando showed great commitment with the team, by visiting the factory in Enstone and by attending some races during last season. 

Davide Brivio, who arrived in F1 after leaving the role as team boss at Suzuki in MotoGP, said that the arrival of Fernando had a positive effect on the team.

“[Fernando] is pushing and I think it’s very positive for the team to have this type of driver that tends to stimulate everybody, push everybody to give the maximum,” Brivio said.

“The fact that he’s coming back in the most demanding class of motorsports, also shows how strongly motivated he is to be back in action and to do great.”

Moreover, Brivio also hopes that Alonso can help Esteban Ocon in his second season after the come-back. The French driver had some ups and downs last year against Ricciardo, and the hope is that this year he can deliver some good results race in race out. 

“I think it’s a great combination where Fernando will be important also for Esteban, to show also how it can work maybe in a different way with an experienced driver,” Brivio argued.

“At the same time Esteban can help Fernando because he’s becoming more and more competitive and I think it would be very competitive this year, so I like this combination and I’m looking forward to seeing both in action.”

Last week, after the conclusion of the pre-season testing, Brivio complimented the team since they did not have any problem during the three days of tests. 

“They are doing a good job. We were able to go through the plan without any issue,” Brivio added.

“Regarding Fernando, I saw him quite up to the pace. I think [Alonso and Ocon] can be up to speed from the first race, and ready to fight on the level of the other.

“Of course, it’s our responsibility and our job to give them the good package. We have to see the race weekend, probably the first few races, but I think we will be ready.”

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