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Alonso wishes it’ll “be a good year” back in F1

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Fernando Alonso hopes it’ll be a good comeback year to Formula 1 with Alpine after 2 years out of the sport.

In talks with Spanish channel DAZN, Alonso said he hopes his comeback will be accompanied by a good year inside the newly-introduced French squad.

“We’re very good, preparing for the first race. We have to be relaxed for the start. I’m happy to be back. I hope it’ll be a good year, it’s a very ambitious calendar.

“Hopefully we can do every [race] and with fans in a couple of months,” he said.

Fernando was the protagonist of a viral moment on social media as he overtook Lewis Hamilton on the final day of pre-season testing. Despite the attention to this, the Spaniard played it down and said the least important thing on testing is the times.

“On testing you concentrate in the programs, you don’t really give importance to the times you set,” he said.

Coming out of this, Alonso talked about their pre-season testing and says that, while there are aspects of the car yet to understand, he is ready to enjoy the racing action back.

“We still have to understand some things about the car. [We’re doing it] bit by bit, but I’m happy. I’m going to enjoy these first races and take advantage of each lap.

“I come with a very relaxed state of mind,” he added.

“I’m happy to be back in the paddock, the Formula 1 in general. I was very busy in the last few years, and I missed it, but it’s been good to be [racing] with teams outside the circus.

“Now we’re ready for the action, to get back to the formation lap, to the first corners, for the strategy, the tires and all of those things,” he concluded.

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