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The way last year’s Atlanta win came gave AJ Allmendinger “a lot of confidence”

AJ Allmendinger celebrates his NASCAR Xfinity Series win at Atlanta in 2020. Credits: NASCAR, Getty Images.

AJ Allmendinger felt that his last year’s win at Atlanta was a confidence boost for him and made him fell relieved.

AJ Allmendinger returns to Atlanta Motor Speedway this weekend for the Xfinity Series race. This race track is definitely special for the 39-year-old driver from Los Gatos, CA as he won his first NASCAR race on an oval there in 2021. AJ Allmendinger reflected on that victory and how it changed him as a driver and as a person.

“I had the confidence in me to win on any type of race track, but until you do it, it’s hard to feel like ‘okay, it can happen.’ So to win there [at Atlanta] and the way it happened of just putting a third car [for Kaulig Racing] out there and not really expecting it gave me a lot of confidence”, Allmendinger told ASN Motorsports.

He also admitted that he had more chances to win on ovals last year: “I felt like we had a shot to win a few different ovals last year: Daytona – we’re leading going in the last corner, Martinsville – battling for the lead and cut down a tire, in a couple of different places, so I think that [the Atlanta victory] gave me the confidence and really made me think about ‘okay, I do want to do this full-time’ because I can have fun at every type of race track because we have the cars that can go out there and win.”

The victory was some kind of a relief for the Kaulig Racing driver: “It just made me a little bit more at ease going to these places, because I have the confidence and that question isn’t there anymore like ‘okay, will he ever win on an oval?’ I was joked around and people said: “Oh, you’re just a road course ringer.” I said: “Well, I guess that means I don’t equally suck at everything.”

“It just made a lot of fun in general, and this organization, Matt Kaulig, Chris Rice, and everybody in this organization makes it a lot of fun, so I just enjoy going the race track and knowing we have a shot to win every way that we go”, AJ Allmendinger said in the conclusion.

AJ Allmendinger will try to score back-to-back wins at Atlanta from the third starting position on Saturday.

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