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Lance Stroll happy about new teammate Sebastian Vettel

Sebastian Vettel in the AMR21 car. Credits: Reddit.

Lance Stroll is entering his third Formula One season at Aston Martin with a new colleague, Sebastian Vettel. Stroll is very happy to have a new teammate, who he says is “intelligent” but still needs to get used to things.

Stroll praises Vettel and reports that the German makes intelligent comments. Although this is only a first impression, Stroll knows that there is a lot of knowledge in his teammate.

“His comments are very intelligent. I’m sure I’ll get to know him a lot better over the next few weeks when we’re racing and are on the track at the same time and on similar programs. I think we’ll get a lot more out of each other’s feedback then and have a much better idea of what the other is talking about”, Lance Stroll says.

Sebastian Vettel still has to get used to the way Aston Martin works. Of course, every team has a different way of working and deals with each other differently. According to Stroll, Vettel doesn’t have too much to worry about. He is convinced that the team is very lucky to have the four-time world champion from Germany and that he will take the team forward.

“He is still getting used to many things and learning about how this team operates and how the car works. There are a lot of new buttons and other novelties to get familiar with. So we’re in a different position, but I’m sure together we can guide the team in the right direction and get the most out of the car this year”, Stroll adds.

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