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Formula 1 looking for live-streaming options with online platforms

The Amazon sign. Credits: Getty Images.

Formula 1 is considering trying new streaming options for the races and they are already looking at livestream platforms.

Ian Holmes, Formula 1’s director of media rights, provided a little insight into the talks and said that corporations like Amazon would be interested:

“We’re in pretty regular contact – ‘negotiations’, ‘discussions’, that’s a little more advanced, I would say ‘contact’ – with the likes of Amazon, Facebook, YouTube.”


Talks with Amazon are already somewhat more advanced. The question here is whether Amazon will buy broadcast rights for Formula 1 directly, or whether they will become a “host” for the F1TV streaming service.

“On the Amazon front, we’re actually engaged with them in a couple of discussions at the moment, specific discussions and two types of discussions.”

“One is, you might be familiar with Amazon Channels. So that would be an example where you’ve got Amazon Prime, which is where you see the films, the content they buy – quite a lot of tennis, depending on where you are – and that sits within their content offering. If you’re a Prime subscriber, you get that content for free.”


Holmes also mentioned Apple as a possible streaming service.

“Maybe they acquire rights for Apple TV, but they also offer – probably not quite technically correct -an equivalent of that channel’s model. If you have Apple TV on a device, you will see that they carry the stuff on there, but they also carry other OTT offerings. So, there are different types of discussions to have with them, depending on where you’re talking about.”


Holmes explained, however, that Netflix is unlikely to be a candidate for live Formula 1 coverage. The American company will broadcast the 3rd season of the Formula 1 series Drive to Survive starting Friday.

“Netflix, we talk to anyway, different situation, they maintain their positioning that they will not be in the business of acquiring live sports rights. It would be nice if they did, but let’s see.”

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