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ASN Editorial Staff rates 2021 Formula 1 liveries

Lewis Hamilton in the Mercedes F1 W12 car in Bahrain. Credits: Daimler.

The Formula 1 writers of ASN Motorsports have shared their opinions of the 2021 Formula 1 car liveries.

Everyone is anticipated to see beautiful Formula 1 cars every year and so are we. We have taken a look at all 10 F1 challengers of this season both on renders and actually on the track and have given our marks to the designs of the cars. The following are the average rating out of 10 of every Formula 1 livery in the 2021 season together with some comments.

10. Haas VF-21 – 3.6/10

Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin with the VF-21 car in Bahrain. Credits: Haas F1 Team, LAT Photo.

Kael Parkinson: “It’s okay, but I feel they should have done something different to the Russian flag colours, seeing the controversy it’s causing.”

9. Williams FW43B – 5.1/10

George Russell in the FW43B car in Bahrain. Credits: Williams Racing.

Leon Kerninger: “I like what Williams was going for. They changed up the color completely and the combination looks good. The only bad thing is the color-comparison from the front and the back. They don’t really match well in my opinion.”

8. Ferrari SF21 – 6/10

Carlos Sainz in the SF21 car in Bahrain. Credits: Getty Images.

Anton Hreskiv: “I love the color and the driver number font. The green Mission Winnow logo is a bit tricky, but not too bad in my opinion.”

7. Red Bull RB16B – 6.3/10

Sergio Perez in the RB16B car in Bahrain. Credits: Red Bull Content Pool.

Luciano Calamante: “Same as every year, but never disappoints. It’s just the Red Bull we now on every sport they’re in.”

6. McLaren MCL35M – 7.25/10

Daniel Ricciardo in the MCL35M car in Bahrain. Credits: Getty Images.

Tristen Digby: “I like the blue on the nose. Its a good livery and I’m glad they stuck with it, but some others are just better.”

5. Alfa Romeo C41 – 7.4/10

Kimi Raikkonen in the C41 car in Bahrain. Credits: Alfa Romeo Racing.

Davide Bini: “They just switched the colors but the shadow of red that they have been using for the last few years is amazing, along with the white, which is a clean, elegant color I consider their livery one of the best.”

4. AlphaTauri AT02 – 7.4/10

Yuki Tsunoda in the AT02 car in Bahrain. Credits: Red Bull Content Pool.

Thibault Brun: “Nothing too special but I really enjoy the colors of the livery and the new patern looks good.”

3. Mercedes F1 W12 – 7.6/10

Valtteri Bottas in the F1 W12 car in Bahrain. Credits: Daimler.

Anton Hreskiv: “The colors look good and they are really fitting. A livery worth of the champions.”

2. Aston Martin AMR21 – 8.5/10

Sebastian Vettel in the AMR21 car in Bahrain. Credits: Getty Images.

Luciano Calamante: “One, if not my favorite livery this year. Love the pink contrast of BWT’s with the legendary Aston Martin green.”

1.Alpine A521 – 9/10

Fernando Alonso in the A521 car in Bahrain. Credits: Getty Images.

Max Dymel: “Tricolore brilliantly packed into a livery. Amazing colours. Amazing design. P1 Fernando, purple in every sector.”

These are our picks for the 2021 Formula 1 car liveries. Of course, everyone’s taste is unique, but what’s for sure is that every car looks gorgeous and we just cannot wait to see thwm back on track in late March!

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