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Transition in Richard Petty Motorsports goes “smooth” for Erik Jones

Erik Jones. Credits: NASCAR, Getty Images.

Erik Jones is glad with how the adaptation process occurs in Richard Petty Motorsports at the moment.

Erik Jones has made an important decision in his career this offseason by moving to Richard Petty Motorsports to drive the iconic no.43 car. He has already had 5 NASCAR Cup Series points races with the team and has talked about how he feels himself in the team.

“Overall, it’s been pretty good”, Erik Jones has told ASN Motorsports. “No real difficulties, it’s been a smooth transition for me. The biggest thing is really just getting to work with Jerry [Baxter, crew chief] and have him learn more about me and kind of what I learn of the race car and when I’m asking for adjustments, kind of what I want from those adjustments. So, that’s been the biggest thing”

Jones has also added that the absence of practice forces to learn everything during the race itself: “It’s just a matter of getting to a race track every week and going out and doing it. Like I said, no practice, you don’t really have that time to learn, so you have to go out and race each week.”

“Transition has been really smooth. I’ve been trying to put in the effort and do what I can on my end to make our cars as good as they can be and from my point, obviously, driving the car, doing the best I can there as well, so it’s been a smooth transition”, he says in the conclusion.

In the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series season Erik Jones has 1 top 10 and 2 top 15s in 5 races with the best finish of 10th at Las Vegas.

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