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Davide Brivio says Alonso and Ocon can benefit from each other in Alpine

Fernando Alonso pre-season testing. Credits: Reddit.

The new racing director at Alpine, Davide Brivio, believes that Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon are a “great combination” of drivers and they will be great teammates. 

After Fernando Alonso’s debut with Alpine last weekend at the pre-season testing, Davide Brivio said that his driver is in “great shape”. He thinks that both from a physical and motivational point of view. Moreover, the Spanish driver is eager to return to racing and to perform well. Finally, Brivio added that Alonso is doing everything to make the team improve. 

“[He has] strong motivation, he’s pushing and I think it’s very positive for the team to have this type of driver that tends to stimulate everybody, push everybody to the maximum because he is [also] doing so. The fact that he’s coming back in the most demanding class of motorsport, shows also how strongly he is motivated and how is his desire to be back in action and to do great.”

Then, the Alpine racing director also spent some words about the new driver line-up. 

“I think it’s a very interesting combination,” said Brivio. “Both had a stop and both came back.”

Ocon also had a sabbatical year from F1, as Davide said, and just as Alonso, he later came back. 

“What we are seeing now is something very interesting because he is continuing this coming back period, so for sure he will take advantage of having stayed one year with the team, one year with the same car,” said Brivio. “So now it’s time where we can see, I think, his potential and what he can do”, Davide Brivio said.

“Fernando will be important for Esteban to show also how he can work maybe in a different way with an experienced driver. And at the same time, Esteban can help Fernando because he’s becoming more and more competitive and I think he will be very competitive this year”, he added.

“So I like this combination and I’m looking forward to seeing both in action. I think Fernando can give us good results and Esteban for sure will also follow”, Brivio said in the conclusion.

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