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Formula E could become great platform for American car manufacturers

Formula E could become an important market and platform for American automakers. In this way, they want to change their car manufacturing completely to electric cars.

Jaguar, which is already represented in Formula E, has made plans to switch production exclusively to electric cars by 2025. This makes it very likely that they will remain in Formula E, where they have until March 31 to commit to the Gen3 rules.

But it is not just Jaguar that has such plans for the future. Bentley also wants to manufacture and sell only fully electronic cars from 2030. They are also known to be making a concept for an entry into Formula E. With this, they want to compete alongside Porsche, another member of the Volkswagen Group, from the 2022/23 season.

Other car manufacturers such as Ford or General Motors also have plans that they want to produce only electronic cars in the future.

Jamie Reigle, Formula E’s chief executive, told that the entry of these US brands could allow them to work on their project and move forward with development.

He said: “Jaguar have made a pretty material announcement in terms of their commitment to shift the brand to be fully electric by 2025. Does that guarantee that they’ll continue in Formula E? It doesn’t. Does it mean that we believe the championship would be a great platform for them to showcase that shift and to meet that deadline? Absolutely.”

“The one that really surprised me was General Motors. When you look at the types of cars they sell, it’s more trucks. For them to come out and say by 2035 they’re going to shift to effectively a fully electric fleet… these are big signals. When I see those announcements, these were almost unthinkable two years ago. I feel really good about where Formula E is as a consequence”, Reigle added.

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