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Red Bull still not the favorites, says Verstappen

Credits: Getty images / Red Bull content pool

Max Verstappen remains careful and says that Mercedes’s first days’ struggles doesn’t mean Red Bull are the favorites for the 2021 season.

As we could observe on Friday and Saturday, it looks like Mercedes is encountering some problems with the W12. Bottas admitted this morning that the car was very nervous and that the rear end was very snappy. This explains well Hamilton’s rare loss of control yesterday. However, Verstappen refuses to draw conclusions after these sessions.

“At the end of the day, it’s a test. The amount of times that Mercedes has topped the testing in the last few years is not that high, so it doesn’t really say a lot about pure performance,” said Verstappen.

“If Mercedes wins that many championships in a row, I think it’s still the same as before we came to the test.”

Analyzing Mercedes’s performances during last year’s winter tests, we can indeed conclude that the silver arrows have a tendency not to be the fastest or at least not really dominating these sessions before winning their world titles.

The Dutch driver, however, underlined his satisfaction regarding the performances of his RB16B that he qualifies as “predictable.” Max thinks the Red Bull improved a lot in terms of difficulty to drive and if it is really the case, it should be very good news for Sergio Perez.

The Red Bull prodigy is also very content with what the team achieved during testings.

“I’m just very happy for myself that we could do that many laps because that’s the most important.”

Thus Verstappen looks very concentrated, he wants to keep it real as he knows there’s nothing to celebrate in the middle of winter testings, and no team is exploiting 100% of its potential. Nevertheless, Max managed to put himself on top of the time tables yesterday and his teammate Sergio Perez is looking like he is starting to adapt to the RB16B, as he managed to top this morning’s session. This is promising for Red Bull, but everything is still to be done for the Austrian team.

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