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“Press and Tifosi have to be patient with Ferrari,” says Sainz

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Carlos Sainz asks the press and the fans to be patient with Ferrari, as the Scuderia is on his way to recovery after a season to forget.

“I found a team willing to recover,” said Sainz on Saturday. “Ferrari is a team full of pride. A team with the responsibility of what that shield and colors mean. And I’ve found myself in a team with that responsibility and willing to change the trend as soon as possible, but knowing that it won’t change from one year to the other.

“Last year was really negative, and you don’t recover that easily from a year like that. You have to wait and start a gradual recovery process.

“It won’t be from one year to the next that Ferrari suddenly returns to where it was a couple of seasons ago.

“I think you have to be patient. The Tifosi have to be patient. Between all of us, we are asking for a bit of patience, because we all want to see Ferrari as high as possible as soon as possible, but it’s not going to change overnight,” he concluded.

Regarding the car itself, Sainz said he isn’t able to make any comments because he doesn’t know last year’s version of the machine.

“I can’t compare it with anything because I don’t know last year’s car, so I don’t know how much it has progressed or if it got worse because, in theory, 2021 cars are slower and have other characteristics. The fact Charles doesn’t say anything negative about the car is already something positive.”

Sainz finished the conference saying he’s more focused on himself, and on getting to know the team and the car, adapting to it, and being comfortable with it.

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