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Ross Brawn: F1 sprint races won’t decrease Grand Prix

Credits: Haas F1 Team

This season three Grand Prix’ weekends will include sprint races. F1’s technical director Ross Brawn now said, that those won’t turn down the importance of the main race.

Sprint races in Formula 1 are going to be tried this season, and the feelings inside the community are mixed, with some criticizing the idea. One of them is 4-time World Champion Sebastian Vettel, who stated that sprint races could drag away the attention from the main race. Now, F1 technical director Ross Brawn has countered this argument, saying the sport wants to “[…] fill out the weekend give the fans something more substantial to look at and follow on a Friday, something interesting on a Saturday.

“So as well as the Sprint Qualifying we’re going to have the normal qualifying on a Friday. You qualify to your position in the Sprint Qualifying and the Sprint Qualifying will take you forward to the race. So really we have a much fuller weekend and that’s what we want to explore.”

Brawn has been a big promoter of sprint races and sees an opportunity in them. Furthermore, sprint races are going to give points to the top-3 finishers, which wipes out a problem.

Brawn admitted one of the difficulties in the plan of sprint races, which is preserving the importance of the main race, the Grand Prix.

“The critical thing is to preserve the Grand Prix. We want the winner of the Grand Prix to come away from those weekends still being the strongest and most successful competitor of that weekend.” In the following, he expressed that the plan won’t be continued over a long-time period If it is unsuccessful.

In other words, Brawn explained that the sport wants “[…] this opportunity to try it in three races this year. If it doesn’t work then we’ll put our hands up and we’ll go away and we’ll think about it again.”

Although the idea could be failing, the former F1 team principal is looking towards sprint races optimistically. “I think if you take the view of the whole weekend it’s got a lot going for it.”

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