Charles Leclerc said he was happy Ferrari’s SF21 is behaving as expected from data of the simulator in Maranello.

The Monegasque says Ferrari addressed its correlativity problems, which they suffered from last year when they had poor testing and a season to forget.

“The first data that we’ve seen on track are correlating with the ones that we’ve had back in Maranello before this test,” he said. “So this is already positive.”

“Then again, to give feedback on the car now in those conditions is very, very difficult. But to see that we’ve made some work on it and that the data are correlating with the ones that we have in Maranello is really a good sign of that.”

Talking about his new teammate, Carlos Sainz, Leclerc said he is “working well” with the Spaniard, praising him for his talent.

“He’s very talented and it’s interesting to see now the data he has in the car and comparing it, even if it’s quite difficult because conditions change quite a lot from morning to afternoon,” he said.

“There are interesting things to see and I can’t wait to be in the car at the same time to compare it properly.”

Leclerc did not comment on whether the new SF21 was more competitive than last year, as it is difficult to determine during pre-season testing.

“Everything feels quite good. But it’s very difficult to comment now. Nobody’s pushing to its limits, especially in those conditions,” he said.

“So for now, it’s early days. But everything feels good and as I said, stacks up with what we expected.”

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