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Domenicali recommends Mazepin to “think a hundred times” before doing something

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Formula One’s CEO Stefano Domenicali recommends Nikita Mazepin to think it “a hundred times” before doing something. The Italian says the actions of a Formula 1 driver have repercussions, something that carries responsibilities.

Domenicali says Mazepin’s actions were unacceptable by uploading a video to social media last December that showed the Russian groping a woman’s breast. Is for that that the Italian recommends to him to think it “a hundred times” before posting or saying something, as a Formula 1 driver has a high level of public attention and mediatic repercussions.

“What he did is unacceptable, but he officially apologized for his attitude. It’s important to have in mind that, when you’re a Formula 1 driver, you have to realize you’re an ambassador of an incredible platform. It carries a big responsibility, and you don’t have to think it twice, you have to think it a hundred times before doing something,” told Domenicali to Sky Germany.

“This gives us the opportunity to say the drivers respect our values. I believe he understood, and now has to take actions and show he’s learned his lesson,” he concluded on the matter.

Domenicali also talked about Mazepin’s teammate, Mick Schumacher, saying he has big hopes for the young german.

“I followed his career since he was really young and what fascinates me is his dedications,” he said.

“The pressure the Schumacher name carries is enormous, you can only do it if you’re mentally strong.

“He developed his talent and habilities year by year and comes to Formula 1 at the right time. Obviously, he needs some time to acclimatize”, he added.

“I see similarities between him and his father, especially in professionalism, dedication, and the team spirit. These are things that are in his family’s DNA, and also his sense of family is incredible,” Domenicali concluded.

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