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“Difficult to tell” confidence level in Ferrari’s SF21, says Sainz

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Ferrari’s new driver, Carlos Sainz, said it’s hard to tell how confident he feels in the SF21 as the Spaniard thinks he isn’t able to drive it at the limit yet.

“It’s too early,” he said. “I only had 60 laps with this car, it’s not enough to put it absolutely at the limit.”

“I think I’ve arrived to the first test as prepared as I could have arrived, even with all the [pandemic] situation. I feel like from lap one I was on top of the steering wheel, of the switches, knowing what we wanted to test, we tested exactly everything I wanted to test. So I felt on top of the basic stuff.

“Now it’s time to challenge the car and little by little try to find its tricks where the last two or three tenths are which is the limit of the car. And that’s going to take some time and a lot of new sets of tires, long runs to know exactly where that is.”

Sainz said he hopes for a calmer day of testing in terms of weather conditions, as his session was invaded by a sand storm with strong wind conditions.

“These cars nowadays are so wind-dependent,” he said. “Every corner there was headwind the car felt amazing, every corner there was a tailwind, it was very difficult to drive.”

“The fact I did my debut with Ferrari with a sandstorm and 50kph of gust wind, it didn’t help, for sure.

“But let’s see if later in the test or at some race weekends we have a bit of a calmer situation to assess more the little fine-tunings and the little tricks of the car,” he concluded.

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