Sebastian Vettel says Aston Martin has shown “very promising” potential despite its gearbox issues during pre-season testing.

The German only managed to do 10 laps on day 2 of pre-season as the same gearbox issues from Mercedes ruined his running, losing most of the morning.

“Unfortunately we didn’t have a very productive morning, we had an issue with the gearbox we had to change and that cost a bit of time,” Vettel said. “That’s what happened and unfortunately we didn’t get a lot of laps in. So this morning was not of great use in terms of track time.

“Yesterday though was very interesting. The car feels very promising but there’s still a lot of things I need to get used to. The car is different to what I ran and it’s a different power unit as well so everything feels a bit different and takes a little bit of getting used to.”

Vettel admits losing track time is not good for him having in mind he’s switched teams from this season, but the German says that it isn’t stopping him from continuing to learn.

“It’s a different car, it’s obviously a different way of running the car so naturally you would expect it to feel different as well,” he said.

“I haven’t had that much time yet but I need a little bit of time to adapt to all the little things. It’s never one thing that you need to get on top of, it’s a lot of small things that ultimately make the difference.

“That’s where I stand. I obviously wanted to have more laps this morning. I think we all wanted more laps! It is what it is. Hopefully, we have a good afternoon now and a good day, and a strong day to make up some lost ground.

“Obviously there’s lots of stuff they want to cover on these days other than just make the driver happy or just give the driver enough time on track, there’s also a lot of answers, a lot of measurements, you can imagine.

“It’s certainly a very busy period, but I’m enjoying it – there are lots of new things for me, lost of new inputs and different ways of doing things. Some more advanced, some a little bit more behind, but that’s normal when you change teams,” he concluded.

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