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AlphaTauri “a lot better than last year,” says Gasly

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Pierre Gasly says AlphaTauri’s current shape is “a lot better than last year,” showing positive results after managing to score second-fastest in today’s afternoon session.

“It’s been another really positive day for us,” said Gasly. “A lot of laps done in the afternoon, managed to do all the high fuel running we wanted, try different things on the car, and a bit more like performance run in the end with soft compounds.

“In those conditions, I felt very good in the car, a lot better than last year at the same time, so it’s pretty positive.

“All in all, I feel like we had a few issues which can be sorted. It doesn’t feel like there are any big weak areas on the car, which is a good start.”

Pierre Gasly also commented about Honda’s 2021 engine. It will be the last engine provided by the Japanese manufacturer, which will leave the sport at the end of this season. After that, the engine development will go to Red Bull’s hands.

“Every year they [Honda] come with a bit of a surprise at the start of the year and so far we’re really happy, it’s working well, we didn’t have any reliability issues, we seemed to get some good power, so let’s see once we get to the first race and we push it flat out – but so far it’s been working really well,” he concluded.

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