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More F1 sprint races details revealed

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The Formula 1 project for sprint races on Saturdays is getting closer and closer to its final proposal, and more details have been revealed.

The project in full detail will be presented to the teams either during testing or in the coming weeks, and we’ve now learned more details about it.

The first ones come in regards to the venues; at first, there was speculation that Canada, Brazil and Italy were all going to host sprint races. However, that has changed, as yesterday Formula One’s CEO Stefano Domenicali confirmed a sprint race at the British Grand Prix, meaning one of those events is now official.

But Formula 1 plans to have three of those sprint races for now, and the other two probable options are Sao Paulo and Monza.

The second details come in regards to points awarding; it was a hot topic of discussion between Formula 1, the teams, and the community if the sprint races are going to award points. This was also confirmed by Domenicali yesterday, though he did not reveal in-depth information. However, the current details suggest that only the top three finishers will be awarded points.

Information was also revealed about the race weekend format; Friday will host Free Practice 1 followed by Qualifying, with Free Practice 2 moving to Saturday. Then comes the sprint race, meaning there will only be two Free Practices. Sunday remains untouched, exclusively reserved for the Grand Prix.

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