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“Gen3 will be a step change for Formula E”, Alberto Longo says

Alberto Longo. Credits: Formula E.

The co-founder of Formula E, Alberto Longo, has spoken out about the new Gen3 era and its rules. He believes that these new rules will be a “step change” to make the racing series more lucrative and that Formula E will continue to improve.

The 2022/23 season will see some rule changes, one of which is the new Gen3 cars, but what is also important to note is that pit stops will return. There will also be a new introduction of fast charging at pit stops with up to 600kW. The capacity of the battery is reduced by 5%, which is also intended to achieve the desired 120kg loss in car weight.

Formula E chief championship officer and co-founder Alberto Longo said at Autosport International Connect: “Fast-charging and more control parts to drive the investment into the key race-to-road areas will be absolutely key to Gen3. Frankly, we want to ensure Formula E is an attractive offering to prospective brands and teams. These regulations hopefully will do so. The Gen3 will be a step change both as a sporting product and for mobility technology transfer.”

He also added that a more “efficient” powertrain was a top priority at the moment so that it could also have an impact on the car market. The marketing of Formula E was only “secondary”.

He also said: “Formula E needs to remain road relevant. But also, at the same time, it has to be competitive and affordable. We’re ensuring this by introducing the budget caps with our Gen3 evolution of the cars and the financial regulations as well. The focus area of development for me would be creating the most efficient powertrain. This is precisely what is directly transferred into the cars of tomorrow. Second, as a marketing platform to promote themselves as leaders in e-mobility and innovation.”

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