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Technical analysis of Ferrari’s SF21

The historical Italian team, Scuderia Ferrari, revealed its new 2021 challenger on Wednesday afternoon. The name of the car is SF21 and it presents some new, interesting changes. 

Of course, as Mattia Binotto said, the car is pretty similar to the one that raced last year. This is due to the frozen regulations that will not allow the teams to completely revolutionize their challengers. However, the aerodynamic has been revised and the power unit is completely new. 

Something that did not help Ferrari in 2020 was the engine. The power unit was too slow compared to the ones of their rivals. Therefore, in Maranello, a great part of the work was made to close the gap with the competitors. 

The power unit’s engineers worked with the aerodynamic ones on the layout of their new engine for the 2021 season. Then, as the power unit director explained, the work focused on the internal combustion motor, aiming to increase its thermal efficiency. The turbo-compressor has been revised as well to meet the need of the engine and at the same time to increase the efficiency in the recovery of the exhaust fumes. Moreover, they are also working on the hybrid system, on its electronic part, trying to revise its components and optimizing them. 

Speaking of aerodynamic, Enrico Cardile, the chassis director, said that Ferrari had to focus on one key part of the car. The red team considered that the rear part of the vehicle was the one that required more work. 

Cardile later explained that a new transmission and a new suspension have been designed. This, along with the new engine, allowed Ferrari to build a much more tapered rear end. Moreover, the cooling system was revised with an increase in the authority of the central radiator and a re-designed, more down-washing bodywork. Enrico also said that Ferrari had two main objectives: increasing the aerodynamic charge while reducing the drag. Finally, the front part of the car did not change much due to the regulations. However, Ferrari developed a new front wing that works with a newly conceived nose, but the chassis and the suspensions are the same as the one of the SF1000. 

Credits: ASN Motorsports

Along with the previously mentioned changes, other changes that Ferrari has made are the following. Starting from the front part, the Italian team added some winglets, very similar to the one used by Mercedes and Red Bull. Plus, the shape of the brake ducts is different and more detailed. Great work was also made on the barge board, which was redesigned as well and they have a shape that is different from the one of other teams.

Credits: ASN Motorsports

Too, new aerodynamic parts were added on the side to better direct the airflows. The airbox was changed too, as well as the rear wing, which is different on the side. 

Credits: ASN Motorsports

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