Laurent Rossi talks about Alpine’s short and long-term ambitions

Credits: Alpine F1 Team

In an interview given right after the A521 launch, Laurent Rossi revealed Alpine’s short and long-term ambitions.

Alpine will start the 2021 Formula One season with the status of a team that almost scored one podium in every two races at the end of the 2020 season. Furthermore, big internal revolutions due to the rebranding of the Renault F1 Team and the unexpected departure of Cyril Abiteboul during the off-season, forcing the team to completely reorganize its managing team, definitely makes Alpine one of the most awaited teams right before the start of the 2021 season.

Asked about his ambitions with the team, Alpine’s CEO, Laurent Rossi stated:

“What we hope is to do at least as well as we did last year, that is to say, be a consistent contender for podiums and fight with the best for good to great results (…)”

He also mentioned the development of the A521 and the improvements they did on the car:

“For this year, the car is an improved version of last year’s. Of course, it is a bit different but it is an evolution more than a disruption in terms of design both from the engine’s and the chassis side.”

With this, Laurent Rossi lets us guess that Alpine is already fully focused on the new 2022 regulations which are of course what all the teams are looking for, trying to get the most out of this new chapter of Formula One. Rossi is therefore very clear on his ambitions after 2022:

“Behind the scenes, out of the track, we are building the new car, the new engine, the new chassis, and here, our objectives are pretty aggressive. In fact, Alpine is here to stay, it’s the affirmation of the Renault Group. We want to tackle the new era with high ambitions and we decisively designed our processes, our team, in order to first, compete for podiums in the midterm and then in the longer run, compete for victories and not just races but also the championship, the driver’s and the constructor’s championship. By the end of the era, this is what we want to accomplish, we don’t enter the field in the hope of doing well, we enter the field with the hope of winning.”

Alpine’s CEO is underlining the new organization of the team which is very innovative in the way that they have two different directors for the team, namely Marcin Budkowski which is in charge of the coordination of the chassis and engine’s development, and Davide Brivio which is the team’s racing director. The split of these tasks should help the team be able to be more effective in terms of car development.

Laurent Rossi is therefore very confident about Alpine’s future and looks ready to fight and to take important decisions to bring his team to the forefront of Formula One. However, we should also keep in mind the eminent and astonishing improvements of midfield teams such as Aston Martin or McLaren, and with the latter now including a Mercedes engine in their Formula One car and Aston Martin gaining free development points by buying some of Mercedes’ last season’s car parts, a great battle is shaping up and the midfield battle should be extremely interesting for the second year in a row.

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