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Sebastian Vettel does not think he has to prove anything to doubters

Sebastian Vettel drives the AMR21 car at Silverstone. Credits: Reddit.

Sebastian Vettel believes that there is nothing to prove for the people who have doubted in him.

The past couple of seasons were quite tough for Sebastian Vettel – the 4-time world champion had some difficulties with the Ferrari car, which had not fitted his racing style. It resulted in the German underperforming. After several disappointing years in Ferrari, Sebastian Vettel is set to start a new chapter with Aston Martin. Speaking about the naysayers, the German does not see the necessity in proving anything to them, because the time flies by quickly.

“I’m not interested in what people think. It’s more about making a point to the team, to myself, rather than the people. Our world is moving very fast, and the world has to move on fast and quickly, which is healthy and good”, he says.

“It’s good to move forward and to move on. So I’m pretty sure that when I say goodbye to Formula 1, I will be forgotten very quickly, and that’s OK. I think that’s healthy”, Vettel adds.

“So that’s why I’m also not too bothered about proving a point to people, and really just focusing on my own bit, which is right in front of me is myself”, the Aston Martin driver says in the conclusion.

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