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Marko says “nothing has been decided yet” about Volkswagen rumors

Helmut Marko. Credits: Getty

 Helmut Marko, the advisor to the Red Bull Racing Formula One Team, said that it is true that they are talking with Volkswagen, but despite that “nothing has been decided yet.” 

In the last few days, some rumors stated that the Volkswagen Group was interested in joining Formula 1. Moreover, the rumors mentioned that Volkswagen wanted to wait and fully understand the new engine rules before taking any decision. Finally, it was also said that Red Bull could start a collaboration with the German car producer. 

About this possible collaboration spent some words Helmut Marko, who said that they feel pretty comfortable and self-sufficient after the creation of their powertrain department. This means that, yes, they are in talks with Volkswagen but nothing is certain yet. 

“Now the Red Bull Powertrains company has been founded, which is directly connected to the plant. The team is such that we can not only undertake maintenance but also develop a new engine that will be simpler than previous engines. We are practically self-sufficient. We have talked to companies about possible combinations over and over again. But nothing is decided,” said Marko at Servus TV. 

Helmut Marko also admitted that they never thought about being supplied by another manufacturer, therefore they came up with the idea of creating their engine department. 

“With the departure of Honda at the end of 2021, we were forced to continue either as a customer or as a supplier. But we agreed that we did not want to order an engine and that it is not in our philosophy either. We were unanimous in our opinion that this was not in the spirit and spirit of Red Bull,” he insisted.

Finally, the Red Bull advisor congratulated Honda, saying that he appreciates its work. Plus, he believes that the Japanese manufacturer was able to close the gap with Mercedes during the winter. 

“Honda has prepared a completely new engine for 2021. It is a true work of art. There have been improvements in some areas, so we should be close to Mercedes,” said Marko.

“We have a budget cap of € 145 million. We need to cut staff and use resources in such a way that we have a top car by 2021 and then a good car by 2022. This is an incredibly difficult challenge.” 

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