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Hülkenberg says sprint races are a lack of respect

Nico Hülkenberg, Eifel GP 2020. Credits: F1 Website

Former Formula 1 driver Nico Hülkenberg said that, in his opinion, the idea of adding sprint races is a lack of respect for the teams. 

The details that will define the new weekend’s format are still missing, however, the German driver is against any idea of running sprint-races on Saturday instead of the normal qualifying session. 

Hülkenberg also thinks that the pinnacle of motorsport is not the right place in which these kinds of things should be tested. Thus, he is fully convinced that this would just be an insult to the teams that spend so much money to be the fastest and beat everyone. 

“It sounds like a very artificial way of attracting tension in some way. Equipment and manufacturers make really big investments, millions and millions, they have thousands of people involved and then you throw something like this at them, ” Hülkenberg said on Servus TV.

“It is not appropriate, unpredictable things can happen,” he added.

Furthermore, he also thinks that these new sprint-races would overshadow the main event, which is the race on Sunday. 

Finally, Nico agrees with George Russell, who said that he would prefer to wait for the 2022 rules. They think that those changes in the regulation will bring the action and drama that Formula 1 is aiming for. 

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