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Mazepin confident penalty point worries will end in Formula 1

Nikita Mazepin. Credit: LAT Images

Nikita Mazepin is confident his promotion to Formula 1 won’t carry as many issues with the Stewards as he had in Formula 2.

The Russian said he studied the regulations and knows the line between what’s correct and what’s not after he was awarded 11 penalty points on his super license in Formula 2 last year. These penalty points do not carry over to Formula 1, so the driver has an opportunity to start fresh.

“I take a lot of time to go through the regulations and study them,” he said. “I understand them, understand where that fine line is.

“As a racing driver, one of the great racing drivers [Ayrton Senna] said that if you don’t go through a gap that exists, you’re no longer a racing driver. And I think this is applicable to every driver in F1 because to get that, you do need to be willing to take every opportunity because if you will not be doing it, somebody else will.

“He obviously overstepped that line, and It’s not up for me to decide, it’s the stewards’ decision. Everyone’s got a job in F1 and I’m not a steward.”

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