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Capito convinced Williams “can do at minimum the same as McLaren has done”

Williams Racing FW43B – 2021 Car Launch, Friday 5th March 2021, Grove, UK. Credits: Williams Racing Photos.

Jost Capito, Williams’ new CEO, is convinced the team can recover from their last few difficult years just as McLaren did. 

Capito was announced as the new Williams’ CEO last December. His arrival is believed to help the management of the team after it was sold to Dorilton Capital back in August. 

The team has been struggling quite a lot in the last seasons. They were last in the standings for the last three years and they did not score many points. However, during 2020 Williams showed some good improvements and with their very young line-up, it seems that they are back on the right path. 

Something similar happened to McLaren some years ago. The car was not competitive enough and the team struggled a lot. Despite that, with hard work and a great commitment to the project, the English team proved its real value, finishing third in the constructor championship last season. 

During an interview, Capito was asked whether Williams could recover the same way as McLaren did. The new Williams’ CEO answered showing a lot of confidence, making it clear that he has faith in the team. 

“McLaren has done a fantastic job in the recent years, and the answer is very short: there is no reason why we cannot do the same,” Capito said.

“We’ve got everything in place that we can do the same.

“To give the timing of that, say two, three, four years, it’s impossible to say.

“But I’m convinced we can do at minimum the same as McLaren has done.”

After the team was acquired by Dorilton Capital, the financial problems that Williams was having were finally solved. This will also lead to new important changes for the future of the team. 

It was announced that the team strengthened its alliance with Mercedes from 2022. The German team will supply Williams with the new parts, for instance, the gearbox. 

After a meeting with the departments’ chiefs, Jost Capito said that new changes would be done to improve all the areas inside the team. 

“I found a lot of good people there in the management,” Capito said.

“We will restructure a bit, but it’s not announced yet. We will get some more key people on board, and we focus on the team principal with Simon.

“To confirm him on that role and to focus on the racing activities there and representing the team is an important step for us that we can build the rest of the team around it.

“You will see some changes coming up soon.”

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