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Unsolved issues in Formula 1 sprint race plan exist, according to Aston Martin

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In Canada, Italy and Brazil, Formula 1 wants to try out a plan of holding sprint races. Aston Martin says that the plan still inhabits issues to solve.

The Williams drivers are not against the idea of sprint races in Formula 1. Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff is pro a try-out of the plan. However, the freshly re-branded Aston Martin team sees some unsolved issues in the plan. The pinnacle of motorsport plans to try out 100-km sprint races this season during the Canadian, Italian and Brazilian Grand Prix weekends. Following a qualifying on Friday, which sets the grid for the sprint race on Saturday, the sprint races then form the grid for the final race on Sunday.

The Formula 1 commission formed a working group to precise plans of sprint races. Aston Martin’s technical director Andrew Green though sees problems in the plans. Green primarily says, that the technical side of the plan yet has clarifications to solve. Until then, the green-coloured team will not give its full support for sprint races.

Green evaluated that “we need a set of regulations, and we haven’t got a whole set of regulations yet around it.” He continued, saying that “We’ve seen a proposal, which I think most teams were in favour of examining, but the devil is in the detail and the detail hasn’t been thrashed out yet.”

As an example for the missing clarification in the technical areas ahead of sprint races, the 55-year-old mentioned the brakes: “Brakes, are we allowed to change the brakes? And more importantly, what happens to the power unit allocation? We’re sort of locked in, the engines have been designed and dyno signed off for a certain type of season – and then to go away from that for a period perspective is going to be quite a challenge.”

Conclusionally, Green stated that there remains a lot to consider in terms of sprint races in F1. He is sure, that the willingness to implement the plan is there but the details still need clarification. “[…} The devil is in the detail here.”

In general, all Formula 1 teams have shown themselves supportive of the plan. The drivers explain less support for the idea of sprint races. Aston Martin driver Sebastian Vettel for example declared, that the plan just “makes no sense.” Vettel is the biggest opponent of the idea so far, arguing, that the sprint races could drive the attention away from the main Grand Prix on Sunday.

Next to technical director Andrew Green, also Aston Martin team boss Otmar Szafnauer strengthened the quote that the squad needs details to be fixed for its full support. Also, he understands Vettel’s criticism but rests not averse to sprint races in Formula 1. “In order for us to do sprint races, getting the rules around is paramount. If we don’t get the rules right, because the cars are already designed and built, we could jeopardise the main race for the sprint race.”

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