Ferrari: Formula 1’s spending contributes little to the show

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Piero Ferrari speaks his mind about F1 development costs, which he finds unjustified compared to what fans can see and feel watching the action on TV.

“What is the point of investing huge amounts in [technical] solutions which contribute little to the show?” Says Piero Ferrari, the 75 years old son of Enzo Ferrari, revealing to his concerns about how F1 TV shows turned out in recent years.

The Italian thinks that images aren’t being displayed the right way on TV and that fans watching the races at home cannot really feel the power and the speed of an F1 car. Piero Ferrari is therefore questioning the logic behind the millions invested in the development of an F1 car, to make them the fastest F1 cars ever, related to the feeling given to the fans behind their TV.

“We have the fastest single-seaters in history, but the images that come to us over the TV fail to give those sensations that you experience when you are at the circuit and get to see it in real life,” he said.

“These are F1 cars that go over 330 km/h, but looking at them on the screen, you don’t have the feeling that they are doing a different speed to Formula 2.”

The heir of the prancing horse company also thinks that the world of F1 engineering and development is too closed for fans to understand the work and the great technological improvements made by the teams.

“We spend terrifying amounts, and then keep everything under wraps. Can you explain to me what sense that makes?”

Knowing that brands such as Ferrari and Mercedes are estimated to spend more than $400 million each year on F1, and comparing these costs to Ferrari’s results last season, when it only finished sixth in the team rankings, one can imagine how frustrating it is not even being able to show its commitment to the sport as much as it would like to. However, it isn’t a secret for anybody that secrecy is part of the magic of F1 and is necessary for competition.

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