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“It’s more than a dream” for Jost Capito to join Williams

Jost Capito. Credits: Formula 1 website.

Jost Capito feels happy and proud to join and manage such a legendary Formula 1 team as Williams.

Jost Capito starts another chapter in his legendary motorsports career this year as he has joined Williams Racing as the CEO. The German talked during the Williams FW43B car launch event about his feelings on becoming a part of Williams’ rich history.

“I’ve been in motorsports for 60 years now, so that’s quite a long time”, Capito told ASN Motorsports. “I’ve always been a Formula 1 fan and if you are a Formula 1 fan for a long time, you must be a Williams fan.”

“When I was a kid, it was always a dream to run a Formula 1 team. And to run Williams was something that was so much out of scope. They say, ‘you will never be good enough, this will never happen.’ It’s more than a dream. It’s still most of the boys’ dream to do that. That’s why I couldn’t resist it [the offer to join WIlliams]”, he added.

Jost Capito also spoke about Williams’ legacy: “The heritage the team has and the success it has, the high respect I have to Sir Frank [Williams] and to Sir Patrick Head is second to none. It’s absolutely outstanding what they have achieved and have carried in the future.”

In the end, Capito shared that the new chapter in his career made him even more motivated: “It’s a huge challenge for me and it makes me extremely proud. I think I’ve never been prouder than right now being for the first time in Grove”.

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