Michael McDowell talked about how his Daytona 500 victory affected the way other drivers raced him on track.

McDowell said that he always has been an aggressive driver, but that after his victory at the legendary Daytona 500, he’s seen drivers race him “as if it was the last lap.” He also said the “top guys don’t like to be passed by the 34.”

“At Homestead, I felt like I was raced pretty hard. I won’t say any names, but there was a driver who passed another driver by and then raced me for the next 7 laps like it was the last lap,” said McDowell in a press conference to the media.

“So there are two things that I think about with that. One is that the top guys don’t want to be passed by the 34. And I get it, I understand that. They think they’re having a pretty bad day if the 34 is going around them.

“The second one is that I somewhat deserve it because I always race the guts out of everybody and I don’t make it easy for anyone, even when I was in bad cars I didn’t make it easy. So I don’t expect them to make it easy for me,” he concluded.

McDowell also talked about his overall season performance, where he’s been lately running in the top spots.

“It feels great [to run at the front]. It’s very rewarding, especially last week at Homestead where it was an awesome team performance, not only on track but also the pit stops were good.

“We came in the top 10, left in the top 10, and even gained a couple of spots, so it’s nice to have one of these days where all is there. We had a fast car and executed the strategy and pit stops well. It wasn’t easy but was a pretty smooth day altogether,” he concluded on the topic.

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