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Toto Wolff thinks Mercedes “can’t take any comfort from results in 2020”

Toto Wolff at the 2020 Abu Dhabi GP. Credits: Daimler.

Mercedes’ team principal and now one of the shareholders believes that the team should not take last year’s results into account in 2021.

Mercedes enters the 2021 F1 season as the 7-time world champion and the team is looking to continue the streak and make it 8 consecutive titles. Team principal Toto Wolff spoke about the team’s expectations for the upcoming season ahead of the F1 W12 car launch.

“Setting expectations is always dangerous and I find it difficult because as soon as the car crosses the line at the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi, I start worrying about the next year”, Wolff said.

“There are several changes to the cars this season which might look small, but they are quite impactful from a performance point of view. So, we can’t take any comfort from our good results in 2020. Every winter, there are always indications that someone else might have done a better job, so we must keep pushing”, he added.

In the end, Toto Wolff said that the reset of all the results every year motivates Mercedes to move forward: “That skepticism and hunger drive us and get us fired up for every new season – because the scoreboard goes to zero and there’s always more performance to be found. And that’s exciting. I enjoy this time of year as we drive into the unknown.”

Mercedes’ quest for 8th world championship in a row begins on March 26th-28th at Bahrain Grand Prix.

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