Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali says the sprint races idea received great feedback within the sport.

“The idea that we have shared, and I think have received great feedback from everyone in the sport, is that we will try to figure out something that will give us qualifying on Friday, Saturday a sprint race that will determine the great order for the Sunday race. That will give us the thrill of a great weekend that will be beneficial to all parties involved,” said Domenicali in a Liberty Media investor call.

The proposal is still developing between Formula 1 and the FIA and has to be presented to the F1 Commission (which previously rejected similar plans for reverse-grid qualifying races) for approval.

“This is something that we are debating with the teams and the FIA in the next weeks in order to present the final format before the start of the season in Bahrain,” Domenicali added.

Some teams, like Ferrari, are supportive of the idea: “We are obviously very engaged in the discussion with F1 and the FIA,” said Mattia Binotto. “We believe that changing for more spectacle and eventually for unpredictable races will be great.

“So we are proactive in the discussions, we are supporting a change if that change will achieve the goals and the objective I just mentioned.”

Some of the drivers in the grid, however, expressed their concerns that a Sprint race may decrease the importance of the Grand Prix but said they are still willing to try.

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