In an open letter to Lewis Hamilton, 50 human rights organizations from various Arab countries urged Lewis Hamilton to miss the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix in relation to his commitment to human rights.

The Saudi Arabia Grand Prix is a new addition to the Formula 1 calendar, which is expected to happen on December 5. Despite the public criticism of the country due to its poor record of respecting human rights, the race will go ahead, and is expected that all teams and drivers will take place in the event.

In light of this, multiple Arab NGOs are now asking Hamilton to miss the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix to force a discussion about the country’s war crimes and human rights violations.

“You have shown immense courage in your fight,” reads the letter. “If the best F1 driver refuses to race in Saudi Arabia, it will be discussed and could be of great importance to convince the country to finally change its view on human rights. It would show that the world is not blind to the fact that Saudi Arabia is trying to hide its war crimes and human rights violations.”

The NGOs are not only referring to the crimes committed against their population, but also to the situation in Yemen and the fight against the Houthi rebels.

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