After de Vries’ victory in round 1 of season 7 of the Formula E World Championship, Oliver Rowland says he hopes Mercedes doesn’t dominate Formula E like it has been on Formula 1 in the past years.

“It’s a bit worrying,” told Rowland to about Mercedes’ pace. “Formula E can be a bit strange [and] up and down. For sure they are doing a good job at Mercedes. Hopefully, it doesn’t turn into Formula 1.

“They had quite an inexperienced driver in Nyck [last season], even Stoffel is similar to me. So it takes a bit of time to get everything right.

“They are known for doing a good job at building things. So yeah, I think [they are] probably improving. We saw already in Berlin, they were good last year at times so maybe more steps in all areas is the way everybody improves,” he concluded.

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