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Ferrari confident straight-line speed problem is fixed

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After a difficult 2020 lacking straight-line speed, Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto is now confident they gained it back for this season.

“Last year our biggest problem was speed on the straights, both in terms of power and drag,” Binotto told

“We worked hard on the engine but also on the aerodynamics, to reduce the drag of the car.”

Although the Scuderia is confident with the progress, Binotto says they are aware that the team doesn’t expect to close the entire gap to the top in just one season.

“The way I’ve seen the car developing both in the wind tunnel and on the dyno, I believe that somehow we made a significant effort,” he said.

“But you cannot know where you are if you are not on track, and I think that will be important for us. We need to be realistic. The gap to the best last year was very important, and not something that we can recover in a single winter.”

The Italian also said that the team will spend most of its time and resources on developing their 2022 car.

“Our focus during 2021 will be developing the 2022 car. That will be the main target, so we will not spend much time on the 2021 [car] during the season.”

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