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Formula 1 prioritises racing in Africa

Ayrton Senna, Alain Prost, and Michael Schumacher at the 1993 South African GP. Credits: Reddit.

Formula 1 wants to have races in Africa and considers adding events on the continent in the foreseeable future.

Since the 1993 African GP, there have not been any F1 races held in Africa. However, this might be over in the near future. Formula 1’s global director of race promotion Chloe Targett-Adams supported Lewis Hamilton’s idea that Africa should be the next destination for the sport and confirmed the championship’s desire to race there.

“I completely agree with Lewis, Africa is a continent that we don’t race in, and that is just wrong. It’s somewhere that we very much want, it’s the priority. We’ve been in talks with possible options for a few years”, Chloe Targett-Adams said during a Blackbook online seminar.

“And we’re hoping that ultimately, we will be able to achieve a race there in the kind of near to mid-term. Alongside Africa, the U.S. remains a clear strategic priority. We’ve got a great race in Austin now, where we looking forward to working with our promoter hopefully for some more years to come”, she added.

The final F1 race in Africa to date, the 1993 South African GP, was won by Alain Prost. Ayrton Senna and Mark Blundell completed the podium that day.

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