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Ferrari re-organises chassis department ahead of 2021 season

Credits: Reddit

Scuderia Ferrari has re-organized its chassis department in an effort to improve its Formula 1 progress for the 2021 season and beyond.

Enrico Cardile is now in charge of the chassis department after former head Simone Resta moved to Haas at the end of last year.

While the processes will stay the same, the chassis department will not be split into four areas, with the hopes that this will boost the ability of the team to make improvements.

The four areas are vehicle concept (led by David Sanchez), chassis performance engineering (led by Enrico Cardile), chassis project engineering (led by Fabio Montecchi) and vehicle operations (led by Diego Ioverno).

Ferrari will also change its commercial area in some aspects, after the backlash with new team principal Mattia Binotto, in hopes of easing the situation.

The commercial, marketing and events department will now be part of a “brand diversification area,” and its head will be Nicola Boari.

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