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Williams to become Alpine’s customer team

Credits: Motorsport Images

According to La Gazzetta Dello Sport, Williams could become Alpine’s customer team in 2022, ending its long-term stable partnership with Mercedes.

Alpine will be its own manufacturer for the 2021 season, as no other team uses their engines since McLaren moved to the Mercedes package.

The French manufacturers now see an opportunity on Williams. Not only this would help them with the development handicap, but they also aspire for the Grove-based team to become part of their junior program, having the possibility of taking Alpine junior drivers into Formula 1, like Christian Lundgaard for example.

“The ambitions are great and it is very clear to De Meo, as well as to anyone who understands motorsports, that as long as Alpine is on its own, it will not be able to compete on equal terms with Mercedes, which has three customers, Ferrari, and Honda,” reads the Italian portal.

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