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Aston Martin Partnership with BWT to Continue into 2021

Image Credit: FIA/FOM

BWT will remain a sponsor of Aston Martin in 2021. This means the newly rebranded team is likely to have splashes of pink on it this season. The announcement comes as BWT evaluate sponsoring other teams, such as Williams or Haas.

The Austrian water company has sponsored the team since 2017. During which time the team has undergone an ownership transfer and two name changes. They will unlikely have a major sponsorship slot on the car, however, a small spot will mean at least a few splashes of their iconic pink.

BWT CEO Andreas Weißenbacher said: “While the look and feel of the new team to be launched on Wednesday 3rd March will be very different, featuring an all-new base colour, today’s news ensures that subtle BWT brand accents as well as BWT brand logos will remain a feature of the all-new Aston Martin team livery. Having seen the team enjoy such a strong 2020 season, we believe the years ahead are full of great promise and we want to continue supporting this team’s journey towards the front of the grid.”

Weißenbacher admitted the car will be predominantly green, but the BWT logo will appear on it.

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