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Red Bull, Alpha Tauri to use 2022 Honda engines

The RB16 car. Credits: Red Bull Content Pool.

Honda have decided to use their 2022 engines in this year’s campaign. This means both Red Bull and Alpha Tauri will get a speed boost from the Japanese engines.

Honda bows out of F1 at the close of 2021, ahead of an engine freeze where Red Bull takes the engines. Honda seems to have decided to go for broke in their swansong year in F1. Giving Red Bull and sister team Alpha Tauri an engine that was designed for 2022. The power unit was initially going to be debuted this year, however, COVID-19 problems prevented that.

Honda’s technical director, Toyoharu Tanabe said in a recent interview: “Before the COVID-19 pandemic, we were going to introduce a new PU for this year, however, given all the difficulties and restrictions because of the long F1 shutdown, combined with the European lockdown and delay in parts supply, we had decided to postpone it to 2022.”

“However, taking into account the decision announced in October 2020, that Honda would leave the sport at the end of 2021, we reassessed the situation and changed our plan again to reintroduce it in 2021.”

The Formula 1 season gets underway in a month in Bahrain. Pre-season testing starts on March 12th.

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