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Formula E evaluating Americas leg for races in Santiago, Mexico, New York

Mexico City E-Prix 2019/20. Credits: Formula E.

Formula E is planning back-to-back races for Santiago, Mexico, and New York City.

The calendar of the upcoming Formula E season has already had several modifications and likely there will be some more. This regards the races in America. Chile is on the UK government’s “red list”, which means that Formula E staff and teams who have been in the country within 10 days before travelling to the UK will have to be quarantined for 10 days on their return. Mexico and the United States, on the other hand, are not currently on the “red list,” and therefore it would be possible to have a Santiago E-Prix doubleheader on the 5th and 6th June. So, it is possible to have races in these countries before the staff has to fly back to the UK.

The races in Santiago and Mexico have been postponed indefinitely for the time being.

So, the free slot for the race on June 5th is now given to Santiago. On June 19th follows a race in Mexico and on July 10th will be the New York E-Prix. Now, all three races could run back-to-back as the ‘Americas leg’, even if Formula E receives the necessary travel exemptions.

Jamie Reigle, chief officer of the Formula E, comments: “We haven’t announced the calendar for after Santiago, but the working plan is that we’re staying on that side of the world. If those exemptions aren’t possible then we’re going to have to have a pretty serious discussion, but obviously we’re banking on the fact we’re going to have some exemptions, or those restrictions will be eased, or we’ll go somewhere immediately after that means it won’t apply. From a logistics perspective, from an efficiency perspective if we can have that ‘Americas leg’ in June, that would be most efficient.”

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