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Christopher Bell on Sunday’s final lap: “It was pretty surreal”

Christopher Bell celebrates his Daytona road course win. Credits: NASCAR, Getty Images.

The Daytona road course winner shared his view of the last lap.

Christopher Bell had a race of his life last Sunday during the Cup Series race as he went on to make his first trip to the victory lane of the highest tier of NASCAR. The no.20 Joe Gibbs Racing car driver shared thoughts about his race, especially about its final lap.

“Yeah, the last lap was pretty surreal”, Bell said. “All race long I kind of felt like I was trying to do my best job and not screwing up, hit my marks, not overdriving the corners. Whenever I got by the 22 [Joey Logano] coming to the white flag, I knew I was faster than him. I ran him down from a while back. All I had to do was get a couple of good corners and get away. The last thing I wanted was coming down to the checkered flag with him on my bumper.”

“You have to make a decision if you try to protect, just race the racetrack. I was thankful I was able to get away there through the infield section because I felt like that was my better part. The chicanes were my struggle points. I definitely didn’t want him on my bumper going through the chicanes”, he added.

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