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Customer teams get better software parity for Gen3

Jean-Eric Vergne (DS TECHEETAH) and Maximilian Guenther (BMW i Andretti Motorsport), Valencia pre-season testing – Credit: Courtesy of Formula E

The FIA and Formula E have agreed on more parity for customer teams so that their cars receive the same software upgrades for each race as the engine manufacturer’s teams.

The teams have also been working on these updates to protect and increase the competitiveness of the customer teams, but the cost to the manufacturers will not increase. The ban on twin engine powertrain configurations was discussed with all teams and accepted.

With convergence in longitudinal setups, there has been a growing emphasis on software. In the races, the optimization of energy efficiency and the calibration of brake energy recovery will play a bigger part.

Teams like Envision Virgin Racing (Audi) and Venturi Racing (Mercedes) have always worked on software development themselves in the Gen1 and Gen2 era in collaboration with external development partners and specialists.

Frederic Bertrand, FIA director of FE and innovative sports projects, said: “Up to now, the car from the manufacturer was delivered and then additionally the team could provide some software and updates on the performance side.

“This is no longer possible in the next generation. The car will have to be updated in the same way the works team car is. Every race, the manufacturer will have to provide to the customer and to its works team the same type of software.”

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