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Sheldon Creed “can get over it,” says Rhodes

(Courtesy: NASCAR)

Ben Rhodes had an impressive victory yet again at Daytona, but this time at the road course. After starting on the pole, three overtimes (one of which he almost won by only a few hundred feet), and collecting Toyota’s 200th win in the Truck Series, Ben Rhodes has little sympathy for Sheldon Creed’s second-place finish.

Right-off-the-bat when asked about the move he put on Sheldon Creed to gain a position, and whether he meant to do that since Creed was unhappy about it, Rhodes responded:

“I’m gonna choose my words carefully here for Sheldon.”

“The guy did try to run me on to the straightaway off of the racetrack. We’re all slipping and sliding out of control in turn one, two times down the shoot from three to four he tried to run me off the track and then did it from five to six.

“And let’s not forget that at El Dora in 2019, the guy did door-slam me into the wall and total the truck at El Dora for seventh place.

“So this is a win and I didn’t total his truck out, nor did I wreck him, so I don’t know what his problem is, but he can get over it.”

They say that drivers have selective memories, and this is yet another example of that. In all fairness, most drivers have this mentality, and one could argue that it’s a winner’s mentality.

The NASCAR Camping World Truck Series makes its return in two weeks in Las Vegas on March 5th, at 9p.m. EST.

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