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McLaren supports sprint races: “It won’t change the pecking order”

Credits: McLaren

McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl says the team is supportive of Formula One’s proposal for Saturday sprint races, saying it will not artificially affect the competition.

McLaren was unsupportive of a proposal last year, which included reverse grids. However, since that aspect has been dropped, the team now supports the project.

“We from McLaren’s side were supportive of that discussion,” said Seidl to “[With] the initiative, for us, as we have communicated also last year, it was simply important that when we speak about different race formats that it’s not something that will try to artificially change the pecking order like a reverse grid situation, for example, which is not the case in the discussion we are having at the moment. That’s why we were supportive.”

This new system, which would be tested this year in Canada, Monza and Brazil, has not yet been approved as the regulations are still being worked on.

“It’s clear it needs now a working group to sort out the details as quickly as possible because the devil is always in the detail,” he said.

“But with the commitment from all teams really supporting this initiative I’m sure that’s something we can overcome quickly.

“We’re looking forward to trying something like this this year and then see how we go from here towards the future,” Seidl concluded.

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