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Alonso expects very tight battle: “We could be fighting for 6th or 15th”

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Fernando Alonso expects a very tight mid-field battle in 2021. The Spaniard says his comeback objective is to consistently fight inside the top ten. An objective he says is so tight they could find themselves for either “6th or 15th”

Alonso predicts Mercedes and Red Bull will once again be at the top of the field, while the mid-field will be “too tight” between many teams, including Alpine.

“I think Mercedes will be on top of everyone and then we’ll see Red Bull. Then it looks like there will be a very tight battle between some teams, and there will be Alpine. It’ll be interesting to see who adapts best to the new regulations,” Alonso told the Official Formula 1 Magazine.

“I think it’ll be very equal, we could fight for sixth or seventh, or for fifteenth with ease. Our objective is to fight inside the top 10.”

Alonso says they’ll have an idea of their real performance after the Bahrain pre-season testing.

“After winter testing you can make an idea or dream of where you’ll end up in the first race. Right now, I don’t much about it. I already said that the 2020 car was faster than me, and I had to adapt to the braking points and the turn speeds,” he said.

“All those things weren’t new for me and I even have a good memory, but my last two races were the Indy and Dakar. There’s a huge difference between taking a curve with a 4×4 in the Desert and taking it on Barcelona with a Formula 1 car, it’s day and night,” he concluded.

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