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Changes are made to the Formula E Diriyah layout

Diriyah E-Prix 2020. Credits: Formula E

The FIA, in collaboration with Formula E, has made some changes to the track layout of the Riyadh Street Circuit around two weeks before the season opener in Saudi Arabia.

On 26th and 27th February, Diryah will host the first Formula E night races. Low-consumption LED luminaires have been installed along the 2. 495 km route. This will result in the rescheduling of this section of the race.

But there are also more changes: There were also minor improvements in the run-up of some curves. These include the pit exit at turn 2, the intermediate part of turns 9 and 10, and the complex of turns 18 and 19, where the main straight follows, staging the race start.

This means that the star road network will be largely left as it is. This is intended to give the city some leeway with regard to road traffic. The drivers will get a new track plan as early as possible so that they can get used to the new track well.

Nissan driver Sebastien Buemi said: “Little changes have been made to the Riyadh track, so we weren’t going to have the final track until 2 PM on Monday. The FIA has sent a small update. They have somewhat improved the pit exit: before, when someone left the pits, he couldn’t see the cars that were on the track. Now, they’ve slightly moved the walls. Then there’s a downhill chicane which already was very fast – they’ve made it even faster. They’ve opened the walls as much as they could. And after the long straight following the start, there was a section where we’d cut the track a little bit – they put up walls so that we don’t cut it anymore. These are small changes, but it’s important to prepare on the simulator with the real track – as representative as possible.”

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